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Website Design

JTD Design's main emphasis is on a customer's website design. JTD Design believes that a design must be customized to what the customer is trying to broadcast to the public. Websites are not all the same, different information needs to be shown to the public in different ways. An e-commerce website is set up different than an informational website. Business websites are set up different than organization website, etc. What JTD Design does, is determines the best design for each particular customer.

Design is also a lot more than just colors and pictures, it is about the organization of the website. If a person can not find what they are looking for they are not coming back. JTD Design organizes your website in to the best way so that a person can get to the information they want to get to.

JTD Design also wants to design the site for easy editing by the user. This can include custom edit screens for customers and templates to where everything will be located on the page after editing.